Hexagon Copper Coffee Table

Simple yet sophisticated

Okay, here is what we did: We took the Wing of a Star Wars Tie Fighter, painted it in a warm gold copper nuance and mounted it on a pure and stylish copper barrel. We love not only the story behind the coffee table, we especially love the material mix and the warm color shade. The round copper barrel feels so good. We always put our feet against the copper barrel to feel the cold and plain surface.


You wanna build your own Hexagon Copper coffee table? Don’t wait. Just cut out 6 similar triangles. The wood should be at least 8mm thick. Next, you paint the wooden triangles in whatever color you like. Dark nasty black would be cool too. Then glue the pieces together. We recommend to use pegs to add the extra Tie Fighter stability of the Dark Side. Now you screw a thick wooden plate on the bottom side of the tabletop. The wooden plate should be the exact diameter of the copper barrel as it will be connected in the next step. Cut a second wooden plate to strengthen the copper barrel. It will be put on the lower side of the barrel.
Now the magic happens. Put the copper plate around the two wooden plates, fix it with ropes or slacklines, and screw together the copper barrel with the tabletop. Done. Finally you can soften the edges.
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