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 Mr. Golden Dude   To the end of the world. #roadtrip  Which city owns this pattern and repairs like a pro?   Holy hole ⭕️  Family Bro Moritz got it again: Photo of the week #playboard #magazine
 Golden Dudes having fresh oyster and #dosenbier   A great view and a cup of coffee please.... #vanlife  Need a ride? Jump in!  Where the waves never sleep #nofilter  We're dancing under stars again. They feel so close I can hear them run.
 Golden Dudes paddeling.  Wandering a world of wonders.   Following the stream.  Wehre the sun always shines.  Down the road... giants are rolling in.
 What the fjord?  Having a beer and watching tiny whales swimming by. #WTF  Listening to a cracking bonfire paired with a smokey whiskey is the best meditation.  Discovering the world.  20 toes make a good team ❤️